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We Are Four

paying my respects to mother nature

Worthington glacier, Alaska - photo by authour©

One of Four

nothing withstands my infinite strength and patience as I sculpt the earth and like a two-faced god leave in my wake both life and death

I am one of Four and more than half of you is me

lest you forget

I am Water

Hurricane wreckage, Galveston, Texas (1900) - public domain

Two of Four

I grind down mountains churn the sands and waters I’ll soothe you on a hot summer’s day then blow your little house down like no wolf before and you’ll only see me in the wreckage when I’m gone

I am two of Four and every breath you take is me

lest you forget

I am Air

Forest fire - US Dept. of Agriculture - public domain

Three of Four

you thought you mastered me and crawled from your holes and caves calling yourself humanity and I laugh because I still rule unfettered high above and deep below

I am three of Four and too much or too little of me means death for you

lest you forget

I am Fire

Vatnajökull National Park - Iceland - photo by author©

Four of Four

since the beginning I’ve been shaped by Three and now by you with your ploughs and saws and spades and though you are nothing to me but a passing quirk I am the only home you have

I am four of Four and only by my grace do you get to live

lest you forget

I am Earth

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