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trickster, trickster, tell me now

Loki cuts the hair of the goddess Sif. An illustration by Willy Pogany from the chapter “How Loki wrought mischief on Asgard” in Children of Odin — public domain

trickster, trickster, tell me now of the days you reigned over every petal of the compass rose your guises legion and so you fooled us all men and gods alike tell me tricksters of the world where have you gone with your songs and stories full of mischief celestial thefts and earthly lusts all but forgotten now by men and what few gods are left

ah, tricksters of this world there was a time you held up the mirror for all to see the inner flaws of men and gods alike but now the light you brought is gone the world gone blind and dark with every man and his few gods cocksure of their very right and might

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