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Requiem for an ordinary day

Updated: Aug 20, 2022

Girl Singing to a Lute — Dante Gabriel Rossetti (1828–1882) — public domain

Dear friends, if you agree with me, that poetry is the soloist of the literary orchestra, then listen to the track I prepared for you (click the link) while you read the poem below.

little will I want on that fateful day but for the children to sing and play and for you to raise your glass to help the sadness pass yes little will I care on that inevitable day if you dance instead of pray and lovingly recite my tallest tales forget my saddest fails indeed little will I want or crave or care except for one last wish to share this song of choice and pristine voice a smattering of beauty before the world moves on


that is all I’ll ask on what will surely be just another ordinary day I will not live to see


Music credits : The song I chose is an extract from the album “Mozart in Egypt” (1997) by Hughes de Courson. You can easily find the album on the internet (unless you have it on CD as I do). It’s a fantastic fusion of Mozart’s music with traditional Arabic songs and instruments. The girl singing the “Golgotha”, a Coptic hymn, is Monika George when she was twelve years old.

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