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Poetic Charity

The Beggar — Edvard Munch (1863–1944) — public domain

roaming the streets of Paris like some latter-day Hemingway homeless and down on his luck his writing thriving on an empty stomach and an empty purse


his poems by the sheet selling

words of salvation at the doors of Our Lady and on the heaven-bound steps that lead to a Sacred Heart


hell and damnation in the metropolitan’s belly of filthy underground stations and urine-soaked halls seeking charity for his verse from both the devil and god though he never told me who truly won

One of the reasons I still write today, was a chance encounter on the steps of Montmartre, some thirty-five years ago, with the young man described above, selling his poetry by the sheet. Though I’m neither god nor devil, and certainly not a saint, I did buy some of his poems despite being rather strapped for cash myself, because his plight was real, all too real, but so was his joy and zest for life. Some of you may have already read Rupert's story in one of my previous post. If not, you can find it here on my blog by clicking "all posts" and scrolling down.

Enjoy, all you poets, young and old!

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