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never the same twice

Updated: Dec 4, 2022

Sami on skis in norhtern lights - Frants Diderik Bøe (1820–1891) - public domain

winter’s ink has spilled and spread and now is when we see them dance these children of the light to the waltzing crepitations of frozen snow and ice in their festive robes of green and red and purple swaying spectral through the glacial skies above the hibernating land their shimmies and their swirls never the same twice the moon and stars have conquered heaven and now is when when see them march the sun storm's legions in the night to the rustle and the crackle of combat’s banners in green and red and purple streaming spectral through the icy skies to subjugate the frozen land their array and battle progress never the same twice and with the wolves and dogs I howl and hail the swirling dragon’s tail with its scales of green and red and purple that tears asunder the dark above our heads and as I reel and stagger both crowned and humbled in the opalescent light I yearn but fail to be never the same twice

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