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chair’s lament

Updated: Feb 26, 2023

when you feel you have gathered too much dust

have a seat and for once forget that I’m rickety and old with a spider’s playground stretched between the backrest and my legs quite perfect for the web of ancient tales I weave if only you will listen for a while grab a seat and for once don’t mind the woodworm and the mould the musty whiff of all the tired asses large and small I comforted and suffered while their tales grew tall and their yarns gained length if only you will listen for a spell

and learn a thing or two of how

“so much depends


or not before I am reduced to cinders


With a thought for the poet, William Carlos Williams (1883-1963), whose work I first discovered when I was eighteen, and has inspired me ever since.

The Red Wheelbarrow

so much depends upon

a red wheel barrow

glazed with rain water

beside the white chickens

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